Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Beginning

If your reading this you probably know that I was accepted into the Rotary Youth Exchange Program in December and I'll be living in another country for a year leaving this August! I thought I would start a blog so that my family and friends could see and hear what I've been up to leading up to my exchange and during. So I guess I'll fill you in...

First I had to go through an application/interview process and I was the only candidate selected from Cambridge to go on the exchange! It was a
long week of waiting for that one phone call to say that I was accepted, but it was truly a great feeling once my mom surprised me with the news, although I didn't believe her at first!

On Friday I went to the first Orientation Weekend in Bolton where I met the other outbound students from the 7080 District, one inbound from Finland, three rebounds, and many very important Rotarians involved with the RYE (Rotary Youth Exchange). On Friday we did some introductory activities and then were billeted with a host family for the night. On Saturday we got down to the hard stuff! All the outbounds went through a couple interviews and evaluations throughout the day, but the Rotarians made sure it was also a fun sort of "get-to-know-everyone" day! Overall it was a great first weekend and I was so happy to finally meet the other outbounds just like me who are starting on this great journey!

Usually the first question I always hear when I tell people that I'm going on a RYE is "where are you going?" Well the answer to that is I find out on February 21st!! So let the countdown begin!