Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two burned fingers, and 40 home-made pins later...

I am the hot glue gun master!

I just spent my morning making Canadian pins for my exchange. I made little ribbons with pennies or nickels in the middle. So altogether 30 penny pins and 10 nickel pins (I'm to cheap to give up all my tip money from work, haha.) A couple of other Outbounds have also made these but I am very proud of mine! Also a Rebound suggested making pins out of beer caps, don't know how Rotary would feel but hey, beer is practically Canada's national drink!

I just got back from a family vacation to Florida, and it's really crazy how I now notice EVERYTHING that has something to do with Chile. When we were at Universal Studios they have a part with flags from around the world, and which one stood out the most... the Chilean one! It's quite weird how my eyes are automatically drawn towards the Chilean flag than any others. Also at dinner one night at a seafood restaurant we noticed a "Snowboarding Chile" sticker put on the eavesdrop, really random but all the same pretty awesome!

Also I have to say that I ate alligator, yes it's been 4 months as a non-vegetarian and I ate alligator.. I guess I'm ready for anything in Chile, even a completo (giant Chilean hot dog) or an asado (meat bbq).

I now have 34 days until I leave for Chile, 5 weeks from today I will have been in the country for almost 2 hours! I still have a lot to do before I leave but luckily I have all really important stuff out of the way. Already 2 out of the 11 Outbounds have left to go to their countries, we're all slowing starting to leave to go on our own adventure and year abroad and have our own once in a lifetime experience!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Visa visa visa!

Yesterday I finally got my visa for Chile!

Thank goodness it was pretty easy to get relative to some of the other Outbound countries. I just needed a few forms, police check, school certificate from Chile and of course... money. My mom and I drove to T.O. then took the subway downtown and arrived at the building, up 18 floors and then there was the Chilean Consulate, a non-descript office where it took only about an hour to process my paperwork to get my visa. After handing over my forms and 4 passport/mugshot photos we went off for an hour to just wander around. When we returned for my visa I had to get some fingerprints done and there we had it, a Chilean student visa for one year!

47 days