Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Erindale Final Rotary Meeting

This past weekend was the final Rotary function where all the Inbounds and Outbounds were together. We were at Erindale College at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus and finally had some nice sunny weather.

I drove up with Karla (Ecuador) and Mickey (Germany) who are the Inbound students in Cambridge along with Raquel (Ecuador). Saturday was spent sitting in a lecture hall and learning things to hopefully help and enrich our exchange experience. We were also issued our Rotary blazers and took pictures later with our spiffy new red blazers - it's official now! Yet again we had another "dance party" at night, also all the Inbounds brought/made food from their home country. I also made a bunch of cupcakes since they were such a hit at Wanakita!



South America Bound - Tammy (Brazil), Me, Maddy (Ecuador)

Mickey and myself being normal

Sunday our parents arrived and we were in the lecture hall again learning about the nitty-gritty stuff about insurance, booking flights, etc. Also we were able to break-apart and talk with the Rebound, Inbound and my parents about Chile and any questions I might want to know. Also that morning a bunch of us had fun seeing how many exchange students we could fit in a tree - we managed to get 12 successfully!

"It's because we're exchange students"

At the end of the weekend the Inbounds received a certificate and it was really emotional especially since this may be the last time before they go on the Cross-Canada Trip or leave to go home that we get to see them! :( Needless to say there were many tears and hugs to go around.

The days are ticking down but I still don't have a date of when to arrive, or my forms back, or a visa... but things will come together eventually!


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  1. I love how normal you make putting exchange students into a tree sound :)