Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One week!

One week. Seven days. Siete dias.
It's hard to imagine that these last few days left in Canada have finally arrived. It's been about nine months since I was accepted into RYE and the last few months have flown by. I've spent my summer working, seeing old and new friends, family vacations and getting prepared for my exchange. I've finally started the dreaded task of packing, ok not really, so far I've only managed to put all my Canadian loot into one suitcase, which is now half full! My friends and family know that I'm not a very good packer, or that I tend to forget things (like my whole entire suitcase) but I'm determined to pack as light as I possibly can!

Some of the 4340 Inbounds have already started to arrive in Chile and I'm sure ready to join them! Also the 7080 group of Outbounds is slowly starting to dwindle in numbers as we're all slowly taking our turn to depart to our host countries and turn into those crazy Inbounds!

I'm lucky enough to have a host mom who loves to chat and also a host brother who has now arrived in the US on his exchange. It's great being able to talk with them every other day or so, even though I am still translating pretty much all of the Spanish, but I'm working on my Spanglish! I also found out about a month ago that I will be traveling with my class on their school trip to a bit of the South of Chile and Argentina!! Although this means another trip to the consulate to have a form signed so that I can exit and re-enter Chile. It's really too bad that my birthday is only a few days after the trip, or else being 18 I wouldn't need the form. Todo esto está bien!

I've also been busy trying to get things that I will need for my school uniform, after 13 years of public school I finally have to wear a uniform! Since I'll be arriving in winter I was told by my host mom that I need to have a navy blue parka. I don't think the Chilean version of a parka is the same as a Canadian version because I am not headed to the Arctic, or the Antarctic! But still, it's VERY difficult to find a winter coat in the middle of summer! I really can't wait to wear my ugly uniform, this will be funny!

As my days are numbered in Canada it seems as if I'm starting to have some "lasts", but really I'll be back in 11-12 months, I can go without driving, real maple syrup, my dog, spring-rolls from Red Basil or Tim Horton's for a year! It's just the simple comforts of home and Canada that I know I will slowly start to miss while I'm abroad.

Having only seven days left it doesn't seem real, packing for a whole year doesn't seem real, and the day of my departure will probably not seem real, more like a dream that I've had many times but this time it will be in real life and I'll be ready to start my adventure!

My special little piece of Canada, Georgian Bay

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