Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Friday - It rained like crazy the night before, I mean full out pouring rain. In the moring the mountains that have been stripped of snow were completely covered again. The air was super-clean, the wind was freezing and it had actually snowed in areas higher up like where one of my exchange friends lives! After school I went straight for warm clothes, some hot chocolate and even had to put my bed warmer on again!

Saturday - Traveled to San Bernardo with 4 other exchange students to another exchangers house. We helped set-up for her host-brothers birthday party, us girls made A LOT of sandwiches! We also dyed one girls blond, blond hair (no, not me... don't worry!) and that ended up taking up time doing it in the dark outside. Finally people started arriving around 12-12:30ish and the party got started. Parties here don't seem to really start until 1-1:30ish and they end pretty late 3-4 am... or whenever you can stay up until, like 6:30 am...!

Sunday - Traveled back home, slept then tried to make plans for Halloween. I had originally planned to stay in Las Condes but with unofficial plans I ended up going to Maipu to Emily's (Canadian BEF [Best Exchange Friend]) and we went out to a Halloween party there. With not much practice with the "Chilean-style dancing" I think we did pretty well, and plus our costumes of "Gringas" were so legitimate!

Monday - Was another holiday so I stayed at Emily's and then we went to her Grandma's house to go swimming because it was sooooooo hot! I ended up getting back home fairly late but it was a successful and busy weekend!

Tuesday - Had to rent a "Little Mermaid" costume... you'll find out why in a later post!

Wednesday - Day 1 of Alianzias... again, you have to wait for the next post!

October was different not having any of the fall colours, the smells of autumn, pumpkins and Halloween decorations. In fact there was very little Halloween spirit here one thing that I would have never thought I would miss but I did.

But it's springtime here, the flowers are so pretty, the spring smells are everywhere, the temperature can sometimes pass for Canadian summer, and I can now wear my school uniform without tights!

Only 4 more days until I leave for Argentina! I still can't believe it, its come so fast, also a sign that my first couple of months have gone so fast and that I've been here for 11 weeks now! The longest I have been away from home and my family before was 2 months when I worked as an Ontario Ranger, and now I'm on my way to living in a foreign country for 11 months!

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