Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tid-bits of the last week

Nothing to exciting has happened here lately, maybe its because I've started to adjust to my life here. Things are starting to feel more normal, the school uniform, the rush to school... but not to rushed because I'm on Chilean time now, the attempts at speaking Spanish at school (still not very successful, only some of my friends can understand me), the teachers telling me to be quiet (that should be good right?!), public transit, my room, once with the host-fam, exchange student hangouts... just stuff.

Last Friday I was approached by some younger girls in my school because they heard I was a cheerleader (porrista) in Canada and they wanted me to help them with their group at school - why not! So I skipped the last hour of my class on Friday to start helping some of the girls with basic stunts, and then spotted some back-walkovers... all those hours of coaching birthday parties at Cheersport really helped! Then on Monday I helped again but this time armed with a picture of my team back home and some drawings of what I wanted to girls to learn eventually. It's really difficult, frustrating, and a little scary when I can't fully communicate what to do and how to do it safely - but at least I can just grab the little ones and say to "No, put her down that's not safe." But we've made progress on technique and of course they wanted me back again the next day, and the next day... but maybe tomorrow!

Cheersport Shark influence... had to be done!

Sometimes I get a little panic-attack when I see a World map, like the other day in the mall... and you realize how far away your are from your home country... but then again it's so amazing that your able to live this far away for 11 months!

Life gets more normal when you bake a batch of your real-Mom's AMAZING chocolate chip cookies, and they don't turn out the same, but your host-Mom wants the recipe in Spanish!

One the cookie-note it's time to start getting my butt-in-gear again... the affects of bread, potatoes, manjar and lack of strenuous physical activity are starting to have an affect. I've been trying for about a month now to find a field hockey team here. The first one I approached was very recreational, and an hour into the practice they had done nothing. I've also e-mail two other clubs (more competitive) and one responded, eventually, so I went to see the practice tonight but no one was there. It's frustrating when I don't get replies or no one shows up for the time of the practice shown because I can't have the opportunity to talk with a coach, talking on the phone is still not an option with my limited language. So I may just find a regular gym here hopefully!

Only 12 more days until I travel to Argentina with my class!

Why there's a Quebec flag for sale in the market in Santa Lucia I will never know!


  1. I totally get that same feeling when I look at a map and I'm like "I'm allllll the way down there!?!" It's a weird feeling eh?

  2. Especially being in another hemisphere... whaaaaaaat!!??

  3. Hey Lyndsay my name is Genna from New Zealand and I exchanged to Chile in 2009 (I lived in Viña) and I came across your blog from CS and its really cool to read!!!
    I have a friend who was really good at field hockey who lived in Santiago if you like I can try and find out what club she was in for you? :)