Tuesday, January 18, 2011

5 months

Today marks 5 months that I've been in Chile. 153 days in a new country, new culture and living a new life. It's also about half-way through my exchange (depending on if I return in June or July), and I still don't really know how to feel about it.

The time has passed by so quickly in my exchange, and I feel like I've experienced so much, the good and the bad parts of life. Honestly this time last year I would have never expected my life to be like this, and feeling the way that I am now.

I guess I've kind of fallen into a slump right now. I mean realizing that half of my year is over I can't help but look back and think of the "what ifs" and if I've wasted some of my limited time here. Who knows when I'll be able to return again, if I'll be able to visit the exchange students, see my host-family again, classmates..? I know it's bad to think about the "what ifs" in life but when you have a lot of time to think like I do, sometimes you think to much. I also feel like my world is a little upside down right now, just a million emotions and feelings hitting me all at once, but I'm learning that sometimes I just have to let go and learn from things. Ok, so I know that's a little broad but I'm not going to spill my entire life over the world wide web.

Anyways my life is going on here. I have such a great host-family and it's summer right now! I also think that traveling will help a bit as well, for when my brother comes in 3 days!

Can you imagine.. 2 Wallis kids in Chile!

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