Friday, March 25, 2011

Chilean clinics are fast

On Monday I woke-up with a sore throat, made it through my day at school although feeling quite sick on the way home in metro - just thinking it was because I was wearing my gym uniform (sweatpants) when it was still a good 30 C out. On Tuesday morning I woke-up almost unable to breathe as my throat was so swollen and hurt so bad. In tears I finally got out of bed to tell my host-parents that I couldn't breathe, host-dad replies "Sooo... your not going to school?" - typical parents! My host-Mama had decided that I should go to the hospital to get checked out as I had a high fever. I've always been worried about going and getting medical help in Chile - I know their a really developed country but still... anyways I was thankful for any help at this time! The clinic we went to was nicer than any Canadian hospital I've been in and we got into a room and saw a doctor right away - but you do need to have money to pay for these great services. I ended up being diagnosed with tonsillitis... that would explain the burning throat sensation, why haven't had had these suckers taken out before?!

With a shot of penicillin and two attempts *ouch* of getting an IV into me (first IV ever, not a big fan of needles or seeing my own blood) I was getting healthier by the minute! I feel asleep while I was waiting for my IV to finish and when I woke-up one of my Tias (aunts) was there. I seriously love how my family is always there to help each other out, and since my parents had to obviously go to work. After getting wheeled to another room my aunt was there trying to talk to me, but it was so hard with such a fiver and drowsiness of the drugs to stay awake. Finally after a few hours I was finally done with my IV and honestly felt a heck of a lot better than before! Picked-up my medication and I was back home in no time, in bed, for the rest of the day. I don't know if I've ever slept so much before. I would sleep, wake-up for medication, sleep, wake-up for water, sleep, sleep... I was dead to the world! Luckily I was only really sick for 2 days but ended up spending 3 days at home. Today I had had enough of little human interaction and my room, so feeling quite well I got-up bright and early and went to school. I think I even surprised my parents in the morning, they thought I was joking the night before about going to school!

So I'm all better, no more enfermadita! In an ending note, take care of your tonsils... if you have them!!

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