Monday, April 4, 2011

Field hockey, Kanye West and a 5,3

Well the title sure sums up my last week... you may think all these things are quite random but sometimes thats how my life feels here - a mix of everything!

A couple of weeks ago I went to the gym with my host-Mama and older brother (he was in the USA for exchange but came home in March when I got home from my North trip!) Our gym is in one of the "stadios" (stadiums) because my host-Papa plays soccer there. Anyways as we were leaving and walking towards the car we spotted girls playing field hockey. I got instantly excited and blurted out how much I love field hockey and miss playing it. So my host-Mama walks to the field and asks the coach if I could join in and play with them, and the coach said yes! So I had a few minutes playing and then as I started to leave one of the girls asked if I wanted to come back next week as they train Tuesdays and Thursdays - oh course! Unluckly for me the week after was when I got sick so I couldn't go. But this past Tuesday and Thursday I went to both of the practices and they've been kicking my butt! The majority of the practices have been running and conditioning exercises... which haven't been in my daily schedule for a loooong time! But being able to play a sport again feels so good, and the girls on the team are all so nice! So I'm technically playing for the Universidad Diego Portales even though I'm not a student and I'm still not sure how many games we'll end up playing.

Kanye West - oh how a talented performer you are! Yesterday I went to Lollapalooza (a music festival - first time ever in Chile) with a group of the exchange students. We saw bands such as 311, Sublime, 30 Seconds to Mars and Kanye West! We waited at least 1.5 hours pushed up against the fence of the stage sweating and being smushed with thousands of people! But it was so worth it! The show was fantastic and we were only a few feet away... AMAZING MEMORY! I can now say I survived my first South American concert!

The boys rocking out

Waiting for Kanye...

Just sayin'... zero zoom

5,3 out of 7... that was my mark on my english test that I just took in school! I'll just leave it at that... and the fact that I am not looking forward to writing essays in University when I get home!


  1. Oh lyndsay ! Acuerdate que debes guardar el palo de hockey por si llego a jugar el proximo año en la Universidad !
    Y te embidio yo iba a ir a lollapaluza pero en fin.. no fúi me habriaa gustado ir contigo para tener mas recuerdos contigo..
    solo espero que vayamos a ver daddy yankee Jajaja
    asi que nos toca perrear al maximo
    T quiero mucho Mi gringa favorita (L)

  2. (Constanza Walker )