Friday, April 15, 2011

Hockey de pasto... mi vida ocupada!

That's what my life finally seems to be! After receiving news that I gotten a job back in Canada that I really wanted for the summer I have been coming to the conclusion that my exchange is almost over! I think I know when I'll be arriving back in Canada and that means I have just under 2 months left here! Already a month has passed by since my North trip... these next 2 will absolutely FLY by! It's a little sad to think that I'm cutting my exchange a month short and coming back in June, (even though my visa is good until August Rotary wants us gone by mid-July.) But spending 2 weeks back home then heading off into the wilderness for 2 months in the summer I think I won't be as occupied in the state of "darn it... I'm back in my small town and not in Chile."

Back to feeling busy... field hockey has started to take over my free time here! This past week I had a scrimmage on Monday, practice Tuesday, rest day Wednesday, and a practice/game Thursday. Although I did find out I can't play in real games with the team - a little thing about not actually being a student in the university! So my day usually looks like this:
  • Wake-up at 6 am, go to school
  • Get out of school at 3:30-4:15 and take the metro home (40 minutes or so)
  • Change and have an hour or so in my house
  • Take the 1 hour trip by metro and bus to the stadium that we practice/play in
  • Practice
  • Return home around 10-11 pm depending on if my host-brother is also playing soccer
So needles to say I'm dead by Friday night... I wish I could just to to bed early on a regular basis sometimes - but that's not my Chilean life in any aspects!

Even trying to find a night to have dinner with friends seems to be a challenge with conflicting schedules! But it's nice to finally have my life be busy. I wish I could take the few lonely and not so busy first months and use them now - but that's the life of exchange. It's what your dealt with and how you deal... I've just come into full swing of my exchange in my last couple of months.

I can already tell that the tone and sound of this entry will sound weird, I've been typing spanish words and then deleting them, and also talking to friends in spanish then writing my blog in english... the brain can only handle so much!

Here's some pictures from the last "photo shoot" in school when I brought my camera

The girls

In the "Jardin de Eva"

Yo ♥ Santiago

I dyed my hair brown... ha ha as if!

4 Medio!

A photo from when a bunch of the exchange students stood outside La Moneda (Government Palace) for the anniversary of Rotary - you can spot me with the only red blazer!

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