Sunday, March 7, 2010


Before I even found out which country I was being sent to I made a commitment to myself and to Rotary that I would change back to a non-vegetarian diet for my exchange. I've been a vegetarian since grade 7 (6 years), or more precisely a Pescatarian (still eating fish, eggs, dairy), although since August I have also stopped drinking cows milk. Finding out that some countries would not accept me if I was a vegetarian scared me because I didn't want to limit my opportunities. Also my exchange is a cultural exchange so I don't want to insult my host country and families by not eating their food, and instead really trying to immerse myself in the culture, including the food

Last night was the first time that I ate chicken in 6 years! It seems so surreal that I haven't ate pork, chicken, beef, etc. in so long! Luckily I didn't think much of it, I just thought it tasted like imitation chicken since it was mixed with other things so I wouldn't be disgusted. Slowly but surely I'll be back to full-on eating meat, and ready for whatever Chile has to offer!

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