Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2 Weeks

Well I've been in Chile now for two weeks - it seems so surreal that I arrived here only 14 days ago.
It still hasn't hit me yet that I am actually in Chile, living here until next July/August! I guess I'll have that epiphany some other day!

Today I had the whole day off of school due to testing for another grade and I was able to sleep in, which was much needed! I had made plans to meet up with, bare with me now, my mom's-friends from church's-son and fiance who have been living here in Chile for over a year. I took the metro and we went for lunch. It was quite nice to be able to talk with fellow Canadians, one even from my small town back home... small world! After lunch I had no other plans so I went with Ali to downtown Santiago and she went to work, teaching English, while I just wandered around downtown. I was trying to find a coffee shop because I have been craving coffee so bad (working at a cafe back home really made me miss it!), but I had the worst luck trying to find one that wasn't sit down, sketchy or had girls in skimpy outfits... yeah, it's kinda weird. Anyways I did a lot of window shopping but didn't end up buying anything because things aren't that cheap here as I had expected them to be, so I'll save my money for important things like Alpaca wool sweaters! Although I did find a dollar store but everything was 350 pesos, so less than a dollar! I passed some really nice government buildings and saw a lot of interesting people. I met up with Ali again and we went to Starbucks, a much needed treat with caffeine! It was so nice to just hangout and chat with someone who a year ago was going through the exact same thing as I am now. Unfortunately the rain finally came down so it looked pretty gloomy today, but I felt like I had accomplish quite a bit and saw a lot as well!

Things that I notice:
  • Bread is super important and you pretty much eat it a lot - it's also made fresh all the time and its soooooo delicious when you get it nice and warm!
  • Lots of guys have mullets... and rat-tails... I was told its a soccer player thing... but c'mon a kentucky waterfall, business in the front and party in the back?
  • Lots of people wear dark colours like black, gray, navy blue and it makes me really stand out, but once the warm weather arrives I've heard that the neon comes out!
  • Manjar is Chile's version of Canada's peanut butter (which I miss so much and is ridiculously expensive here), and Europe's Nutella
  • PDA (personal display of affection) is pretty popular here for all ages
There's always so many things that I notice and want to share but I always forget! I'll have to start writing them down!

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