Sunday, September 5, 2010

This Weekend

On Friday my school ends at 2 pm so I went with two of my girlfriends to see and get a picture with a famous Argentinian actor. I had no clue who he was, or where we were going but I was game for it! We took the metro to Providencia and ended up at a TV station - he was a guest on one of those celebrity talk shows. Anyways we arrived late so we couldn't get into the taping of the show, I felt bad for the two girls, they were REALLY excited to see him! We sat around the lobby of the station until he came on and then left because it was to depressing to watch anymore. We then walked around for a bit and then ended up going to a mall somewhere way far away to meet up with one of the girls boyfriends. So I was able to see some of the city and take my first TransSantiago bus.

On Saturday I woke up early and headed to the Rotary Club of San Bernardo. There was a reunion for the Rebounds of district 4340 and I also was able to meet the other Canadian here on exchange from Toronto, Emily! We stayed for a little bit and then were off to represent Canada and more specifically my district 7080 because they had donated money for a new ambulance! I didn't know about it until the day of, but I am pretty proud of my district back home! There, we were able to take lots of photos, "test" out the ambulance, and also meet members of the GSE (Group Study Exchange) who will be travelling to my district in Canada within a few weeks. After all the smiling and representation of Canada was done we then headed back to the reunion. We listened to some talks, obviously in Spanish, and were able to talk to each other about our experiences so far in Chile. Emily and I both arrived in Chile with NO Spanish knowledge... us Canadians can handle it! After the talks we had lunch and were able to interact with the Rebounds. Most of them had gone to North America or knew quite a bit of English so it was easy to talk to each other, and if they were speaking in Spanish and started to laugh... when all else fails, laugh!

Today I woke up early yet again and went with my host-dad to a Catholic church service. I'm not really sure what it was for but we represented the Rotary Club of Macul (whom I'm hosted by here in Chile.) There were police officers, Mayors, fireman, dancers, all sorts of people! After returning home my whole host-family headed out to San Jose de Maipo. It was beautiful! We just drove and it was a constant scenic drive, everywhere you looked there were mountains, hills, rivers, things that are just so much larger and grander than your own self! First we stopped in the little town and walked around the bazaar. It was such a peaceful and "chill" day just to be able to sight see and take a lot of photos. Driving back there were just moments that I could only imagine could happen in paintings or poems. The way the mountains and the colours were, or how many people were out flying colourful kites, it's moments like these that I really love Chile. Arriving back at home I finally ventured out for a much needed run, I only got a little lost but easily found my way back home. Hopefully one day I'll know these streets as well as I know the streets of Ayr... then again Ayr is just a dot compared to Santiago or even Las Condes!

Feel free to comment or ask questions, it's nice to know that I'm not writing to myself all the time!


  1. Hi - it is Colleen Graham from your little town back home. Ryan and I have been following your letters and telling the boys about what you have been doing! We are really happy to hear that you are settling in well! The boys miss you. Colleen

  2. Give the boys and Megan a big hug and kiss for me!

  3. Hi, Looks like you're having a good time!

    I found your blog from CS. I'll be on exchange this spring semester. It looks so incredible there that river and the red old building looks so cool!

    Keep posting, it's one of the better exchange blogs I've seen! :)