Monday, September 13, 2010

So this picture is a little over due but it was my first completo! One of my host-mom's friends gave it to her for "The Gringa" to eat! Wasn't bad, and luckily there wasn't any mayo on it (not a big fan), although I think I'm still a ketchup girl at heart!

Yesterday was a dreary day, it rained all day and was miserable. But the thing that I like is that when it rains in Santiago, it snows in the Andes. In the morning and even in the afternoon you could see the fresh white powder that seems to brighten up the range, and also the rain helps to clear out the smog for a little while.

My school's 18th of September celebration is tomorrow, I'll be clad in a Chilean style dress along with everyone else in my class... ohhhhhh photos!

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