Saturday, October 9, 2010

Amusing Things

The huge flag in front of The Moneda

The other day I went to Santa Lucia to a feria with my Kiwi friend and I bought colourful Chile pants - much needed, once you buy Chile pants... you never go back!
I also purchased some things for special people's birthdays and even some Christmas presents early!

At the top of Cerro Santa Lucia

Before that we went to another market in Los Dominicos and saw these miniature trees... so weird!

This tree was planted in 1975

Saw some Japanese-esque or something dressed girls... it was un poco extra├▒o to say the least!

I also ate my first Big Mac in my life... an accomplishment which my friends back home are proud of - one more thing off my "to do in Chile" list!

Today I wandered around the city solo
Purchased a much needed Chile purse and walked a lot then headed to Plaza de Armas
I saw a bunch of old men playing chess, it was intense!

I love it when men try to "compliment the gringa" but end-up making no sense because they can't even pronounce "gorgeous" properly

I finally found chocolate chips to make my mom's sacred chocolate chip cookies one day, and they were also selling Canadian Maple Syrup... only for $25 CDN! (Rip-off!)

I find it hilarious when my host-grandma insults my host-dad, because now I can understand it!

The other day I was looking at the new match box that we use to light our hot water and when I turned it over there was a picture of Pamela Anderson... uhhhhh?!

My host-dad bought a torta (birthday cake) because the neighbors have a pre-teen birthday party going on... really random, but awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving back home!

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