Tuesday, October 5, 2010

City Tour

This past weekend I went with all the exchange student from my district to the coast - Pacific that is! We all travelled by bus to Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, and San Antonio. At Valparaíso we went on a boat ride around the port, saw some sea lions, did some shopping with all sorts of artesian things, and had lunch. We then went on travelling again and with all honesty I cannot remember the chain or events, just that exchange students are awesome!

I also purchased my first alpaca sweater and some new bracelets. I go crazy for bracelets here, and so do a lot of exchange students, its just this obsession we have, no big deal.

On Sunday we stopped at a few more places including Isla Negro with one of Pablo Neruda's houses (famous Chilean poet with GORGEOUS houses), San Antonio and went through the feria where I was told to carry my backpack on my front (what a tourist), and then we headed back to have an asado.

Edit: I forgot to mention about our bus hitting a wall... yep, our trusty coach bus was turning and ran right into a cliff... oh Chile you make me laugh way too much!

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