Sunday, October 17, 2010

Los 33 Mineros

As it was huge world news everyone knows that the 33 trapped miners are now free! The news coverage has always been pretty big here but it started to be continous 1-2 days before the start of the mission. I watched the first miner come to the surface with my host-family, we were clapping and so happy! Every news channel was constantly coverage on the mission. I also watched the last miner come up and that was real emotional as well. It's such an amazing thing to have these men survive, they were so far down with little contact and supplies for so long, and with a small chance of digging down to the right place... truly a miracle! It was really cool to be in a country when something like this happened. Not that it was a good thing that happened, but to see the whole country come together as one for these strangers trapped in the mine.

chi chi chi le le le los mineros de chile!

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